Monday, January 18, 2016

January in Minnesota

We are open ALL WINTER!

It was minus 14 degrees this morning-
But at least it's SUNNY!

Amish ski behind the buggy on a rope-
much like we water ski.

If we can dig it out...
It could be yours!

 Good Grief!

A Peek around the shop.


Monkey Funk!

This time of year we are open during the week- most of the time.

Call:   563-379-5112 or 563-379-5118
 to double check.

Always Around on Saturday & Sunday.

Country Antiques & Affordable Farm Junk

101 Hwy 52 Canton Minnesota

5 mins east of Harmony MN

20 miles N of Decorah Iowa

1 Hour from Rochester MN , La Crosse Wisconsin & Winona MN.

4 hills South of Lanesboro.

If you can't  find us- you must be lost.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Harmony / Canton Minnesota- Home of the largest Amish community West of the Mississippi River

Most Amish businesses in the 
Harmony-Canton Minnesota are open
6 days a week.

Sunday they celebrate the Sabbath and
attend church.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winter in Minnesota's Amish Country

Some Deliveries May Take A Little Longer 

Our Partner-Dennis Hershberger, often hauls
larger pieces of furniture to his
brother in law's finishing shop a few miles down the road.

This rig is also used for local delivery.

Countryside Furniture
Hand Crafted Amish Furniture & Goods

Old Crow Antiques & Amish Tours.
563. 379 .5112

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall In Minnesota -Antiques, Amish, & Awesome Fall Colors

Fall is the Best Time To Visit Canton Minnesota

Just an hour south of Rochester MN
Canton / Harmony Minnesota is home to the Largest
Amish Community west of the Mississippi.

We can take you on a two hour
tour that visits roughly 8 Amish farms, homes & businesses.
We like to think our tours are more personal, 
because we know the Amish as friends- through living in their
community for almost 10 years

$50.00 for up to four adults.

call 563. 379.  5112 
to book your tour now- No Sunday visits.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A look around OLD Crow Antiques -Canton Minnesota...Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Lanesboro & Decorah

When you run out of things to do

 in Decorah & Lanesboro

we are just 20 minutes away

in Canton Minnesota

Country Antiques

Farm Junk 

Kitchen Kitsch

Harvest Table & Hickory Chairs

Amish Furniture & Hand Crafted Goods
of Dennis & Mary Hershberger

101 Hwy 52

Canton Minnesota

(563)-379-5112 or 5118

Open most of the time but

Best to call ahead

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter in Minnesota-Time to Antique Your Nest!

Winter in Minnesota


 On these cold mornings...
It's often just the Amish you see
out & about in their buggies.

Ole' & Lena are hibernating but-

The Old Crows

are either seeking or selling country furnishings
& Antique home decor to keep
your nest warm & cozy for the winter.

This seven foot harvest table
would seat 8 adults
or about a dozen elves.

We have lots of country decor in stock.

This HUGE armoire
is a "knock-down" and comes apart
for easy transportation to
Your Nest-
Just in time for the Holidays.

So if you're looking for some
Warm Decor
during this chilly Minnesota winter...

Call     (563)-379-5112 or 5118

to make sure we're around and
not out skiing or digging in someone's
shed or barn hunting for
Antique Treasure.

Old Crow Antiques and Amish Tours

101 Hwy 52
(5 miles east of Harmony Mn)

Canton Minnesota


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another Happy Dealer Leaving With A Load of Antiques

Here at Old Crow Antiques, we believe in actually selling this stuff. We are not a museum or grandma's antiques -with an inventory that rarely changes.

The dealer shown in the picture headed to Walnut Iowa with a load he just bought from us. In addition to our shop, we also have a warehouse filled with stuff in the rough.
If you are a wholesale or large volume buyer- it's best to call ahead to make sure we are available to work with you on pricing.