Monday, January 18, 2016

January in Minnesota

We are open ALL WINTER!

It was minus 14 degrees this morning-
But at least it's SUNNY!

Amish ski behind the buggy on a rope-
much like we water ski.

If we can dig it out...
It could be yours!

 Good Grief!

A Peek around the shop.


Monkey Funk!

This time of year we are open during the week- most of the time.

Call:   563-379-5112 or 563-379-5118
 to double check.

Always Around on Saturday & Sunday.

Country Antiques & Affordable Farm Junk

101 Hwy 52 Canton Minnesota

5 mins east of Harmony MN

20 miles N of Decorah Iowa

1 Hour from Rochester MN , La Crosse Wisconsin & Winona MN.

4 hills South of Lanesboro.

If you can't  find us- you must be lost.